Grrffiti Cuts

Because Dogs Are Family Too!

Grrffiti Cuts has been nominated for Clarksville's Best 2021, 2 years in a row! Always accepting new clients, and walk-ins for stand alone services are available until 1:00 pm! Grrffiti Cuts, in Clarksville, TN, is the area's leading pet groomer serving Clarksville, Sango, Hopkinsville and surrounding areas since 2015. We offer pet grooming with all natural shampoos. For more information, contact Grrffiti Cuts in Clarksville, TN. At Grrffiti Cuts, our family-owned grooming shop, dogs are more than mans best friend -- they're part of the family. After a day running around the park, a spa day is the welcome respite your furry friend needs. Nothing beats an ultimate pampering session. We have the training and experience to make sure your dog leaves looking sharp and feeling relaxed. Our variety of grooming packages will let you pick the best option for your pet and your budget. Oh, and don't forget our stencil work and Mohawks so your fur baby can be the coolest kid in school. Military Discount - 10% off the total (Active Duty, Spouses Only) Senior Discount - 61+ (Human) $3.00 off the total Multiple Pet Discount - $1.00 off each pet for bath 'n brush service, $2.00 off each pet if it is a full service. No pet limit. *Punch Cards and Discounts cannot be combined*

Double Discount December! Whatever discount you have, we'll double it!

We are currently booked up for full-service grooms until November 28th.